Monday, August 12, 2013

Dollar Tree trip

 right next door to Aldi's is the Dollar Tree store. I am SO happy that they FINALLY are offering boxed milk (not just soy) sold in quart aeseptic boxes. While this equals $4/gallon, it is much more palatable than instant milk, which I DO use in baking/cooking. I like to keep this on my emergency shelf, especially come Winter. $4 for milk so as NOT to have to stop at the store is fine as $4/gallon milk is very easily found as fluid milk in CT. This is one of the brands we received through Angel Food. I also grabbed more AA batteries as we are running low, a 10 ct pkg of rough scrubbies.
Under household goods: business envelopes, a sympathy card, a new 2013-14 planner for me, a Halloween themed bookend for one son, who is enamored with the holiday.


Anonymous said...

Cool, I haven't found the milk at Dollar Tree yet. I did find the soy milk once, but not since then.

CTMOM said...

Shara, I recall seeing this same boxed milk, back when we were participating in Angel Food Ministries. I remember thinking to myself, "Hey! that's the brand AF uses." Fast forward, and I have only seen quarts of soy milk, no powdered milk, cans of evaporated milk-that's all. I am beyond thrilled that they have brought this milk back, I hope that they keep carrying it, as I hope to keep a few gallons worth on the pantry shelf for Winter storms. We don't mind drinking it as fluid milk, while instant milk-not so much, unless stone cold and mixed 50-50 with whole milk. Don't mind cooking with dried milk or evap milk, just can't use them in coffee or on cereal. I've tried. : (

Anonymous said...

I understand. My hubby drinks soy milk so I keep it on hand, but I like to cook with powdered milk. Like you I always want some on hand just in case.