Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crock Pot Tuesday: Stewed beef with tomatoes

 Kind of combining several recipes to pull together tonight's Crock Pot meal. Ingredients: a pkg of marked down stew beef, the rest of a bottle of Spanish red wine, a can of stewed tomatoes, black pepper, minced garlic, a pkg of onion soup mix.

 Pam spray the inside of a Crock Pot. Then, cut up beef into smaller pieces (a little goes much further) Place beef into CP.

Season with black pepper, minced garlic and sprinkle the onion soup evenly over the top.

Add the wine, and the can of tomatoes. Let cook on low 8 hours, serve over rice..

A tossed salad will accompany. Not sure yet if I'll add a side vegetable or not. Busy this afternoon with medical appointments.

 This is what the beef looked like after simmering all day.

Supper plate. I thickened the gravy at the last minute, using a corn starch slurry. Side of French green beans. Done. Came out very good, tasty. Would definitely do this again.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy! I used the crockpot to make banana bread last night. First time ever, but it turned out great.