Monday, August 5, 2013

Crock pot Monday

The chicken if finally thawed (was supposed to be SUNDAY supper!) so it's in the Crock pot for Crockpot rotisserie style chicken, using this recipe again:

Sides will be mashed potatoes, home made cranberry sauce, home made chicken gravy,leftover butter sugar corn, leftover cauliflower cheese.

My dinner plate. A bit bland in the color department but quite tasty! Leftover mashed spuds, leftover corn, leftover chicken gravy all frozen for future meals.

Chicken bagged up, stock made out of the carcass. I'm calling this 2 quarts, plus there will be some hardened chicken fat on top, that I'll remove and save for frying. Have you priced cooking oil lately? I also have yet another baggie of more scrap meat that I pulled off of what I thought was a picked clean, chicken carcass. I ended up with about 1 cup's worth.

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Anonymous said...

Yum, yum, yum! We're trying a copy cat recipe for a hamburger helper dish my children liked when they were younger. It mostly uses pantry staples so if it turns out good it will make for a great use it up recipe.