Friday, August 16, 2013

Crock Pot Friday

 Tonight's ingredients: 3 small, cubed steaks bought on marked down back in December, stewed tomatoes, bacon fat, pepper, an onion, red wine, egg noodles. Not pictured: the 1/2 of a sliced tomato in the fridge, some fresh basil leaves from there as well.Only 3 for supper tonight, so this is perfect.
 Using my usual method, I dredged the cubed steaks in all purpose flour, seasoned with black pepper and browned them off in some reserved bacon fat. I placed the prepared meat into the Crock Pot.
I softened the now sliced onion in the frying pan, along with the raw tomato for a few minutes, before adding the stewed tomatoes, chiffonades of basil, a good splash of red wine. I let that cook through a few minutes before dumping it all on top of the meat. This will stew on low all day, to be served over buttered noodles. Veggie to be determined, upon receipt of my organic CSA this afternoon.

Here's my supper plate. I ended up just grabbing  can of green beans for the color. Supper was very tasty.

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Anonymous said...

Yum! I am breaking with the menu and we are having breakfast for supper since I have some sausage to use up.