Sunday, August 25, 2013

Contacting customer service

Attention Customer service:

We have used the Aldi's brand of scoopable cat liter for years. Of late, however, the scooping feature is failing, leading to significantly increased odors and forcing us to throw out entire liter boxes of liter, rather than scoops of waste. I pay by the pound to dispose of trash so this is a concern. We have gone back to other brands from other stores as a result. Why was this product reformulated? Very disappointed.
Also, we discovered Aldi's blossom line of tampons, made in Germany, great product, fabulous price! Sadly, I am told that our Aldi's is no longer carrying them, instead selling Tampax/Always national brand products. Why was this change made? According to the manager, MANY customers are asking about this change and requesting the Blossom line. I noted that the bulk of personal care products are now National brands-NOT Aldi's brand labels. Please explain why? and reconsider offering Blossom branded products again.
Thank you,

While I don't expect to see these at my local store tomorrow, I do know that businesses take customer complaints pretty seriously. I await a response. Will I stop shopping Aldi's? No, but do wish they'd bring back some items.


~Carla~ said...

I hate that too... with my allergies there is literally *one* brand of chocolate chips that I can eat (a specialty product) and my local high end grocery stop just stopped carrying them! UGH! Was soo disappointed! Hubby has an "in" at this store so he spoke to the organic mngr. and she's going to bring them in as long as he keeps buying, and she can still bring them in she said. I'll be buying double from here on in "Just in case". lol! Hope your letter receives a reply!

Anonymous said...

I was bummed about the Blossom products as well. They worked fine and were WAY cheaper than the name brand products. Even CVS and Walgreen products of this ilk are almost as pricy as name brand. Boo Aldi, boo!

Also, I have noticed that Aldi has removed most of their medications. They had 2 different allergy related products that worked great, at least for me, and were so inexpensive.

DW said...

My Aldi's cut back on meds and personal care items, too. It's frustrating,