Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Comparing renter's insurance

Although my lease requires that I have renter's insurance, even if it didn't, I'd still have a policy. I currently have one with a company that I used to use for all of my non-medical, insurance needs: additional life ins, auto, home owners then renter's. When auto ins became pricey, I moved to another company. I recently got my renewal renters policy from company A, as well as did an on-line quote from now company B, with whom I have auto ins.

Bottom line: I'll be bundling my renter's policy with the auto, saving $74/year. Nothing personal, it's just business, and my bottom line.


Anonymous said...

I understand! I need every penny I can squeeze from every where I can. No loyalty to stores, companies, brands. Only my friens(on line and real life) and my family have my loyalty.

CTMOM said...

Judy, I am currently going thru every line item in my budget, and have been able to reduce:
-cell phone
-rental insurance
-car insurance
I don't anticipate having any more out of pocket medical bills, as I now have a newly structured Heath savings account, to which my employer puts in $2000 on July 1, and I have $100 put in on the 15th adn 30th of the month (Sept thru June) for the $2000 I put in. Once I hit bills totaling $4000 combined, my ins. company will pay 100% if in network. Since we make it a point to stick with in plan MD's, this is working out for me. Even if I leave a guestimated amount as a cushion, for a monthly line item, it will be significantly less than what I had been setting aside monthly, prior to July 1st, when this new plan took effect.
My budget has always been run using take home pay numbers, so I await my Sept 15th check to see where I am. My ins premiums are lower with this new plan, and I had a small raise. Factor in taxes, it's probably a wash.