Wednesday, August 7, 2013

cheap lunch at home

Some of the leftover, roasted chicken from Monday, with the help of a rinsed and drained can of low salt black beans (sale plus coupon deal) , Dollar Tree flour tortillas, some home shredded Colby-jack cheese, a chopped tomato that was going soft, some of the BOGO Romaine hearts I recently bought and an open jar of home made taco sauce became chicken-black bean tacos for lunch today.

We ate all of the meat-bean mixture , the shredded cheese, so all I had to plan for was the leftover lettuce and tomatoes, which both joined tonight's salad bowl. The taco sauce was refrigerated. Trying really hard not to add too many leftovers to the fridge.

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Anonymous said...

Yum that sounds good. Daughter had a grilled cheese (homemade bread) and I ate a small sliver of the quiche that is for tonight's supper.