Monday, August 12, 2013

Car maintenance: phase 2 *update* AND 4!

Phase 1: order Weather Tech rubber mats for car-check

Phase 2: get oil change-check

The mechanic discovered that my air filter was dirty, got my permission to also change that. More than anticipated, but I believe strongly in maintaining a work vehicle for ultimate fuel efficiency.

$56.28, funds are in my budget account, so no worries

Phase 3: emissions

Phase 4: car wash and possible detailing: Update*: DS had a last minute visit to the MD today, and since we were literally driving right by, we swung by the car wash. Car looks much better! Far from perfect, but much cleaner. I do need a detail cleaning. Hope to arrange that within the next month. Paid a discounted price today, as I used one of the certificates I purchased in Dec, part of their holiday gift giving promotion. I just gifted myself the $5 off a wash that it provides me. : )

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