Thursday, August 15, 2013

Car emissions test completed

The last major item for my car "to do" list, prior to my return to work next week, was to have my required emissions test performed. I decided that yesterday would be a "car in driveway" day, and knowing that I had to venture out this morning, I put emissions testing on my errands list. I checked on line, and found a testing center in the neighboring town, through which I would pass on my way back home. Perfect. We stopped in at a local repair shop and were greeted warmly and professionally, shown a comfortable area to wait in, and the car was soon tested. Since I just had it serviced, I was pretty certain that it would pass, which it did. $20 to the testing center, a copy of my report for the car glove box, and within 15 minutes, we were back on our way home. I would definately return to this local business, versus the gas station that we have used for years, located some distance from where I now live.

I want to skate into September and then make arrangements for a full detailing of my car. Looking at the cloth seats, they need it!

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