Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cable company screw up

Recently, the cable company that controls most of our area was out, people supposedly were so upset, that 911 was called! Internet and tv down. An annoyance. I received an automated call tonight, advising me that due to the recent outages, for which they are very sorry, we will be receiving a one time, $8 credit on our next bill. Nice.


Anonymous said...

My fight today is with onstar. Not only did they screw up and hang up on my lost 18 yo daughter but then figured that throwing a few free months would make me happy.

I AM NOT HAPPY. They hung up on a crying 18 yo daughter. Believe me they haven't heard the end of me

Precious said...

Nice credit for the cable! I am still dealing with mine on outages. I also want you to know that I have a new blog:

Casey said...

I still can't believe someone called 911 for the outage! Glad for the extra $8, though.

We just switched back to Optimum from AT&T to save money but in two weeks we had both that outage and one the day we signed up. I think it's a sign to ditch the cable.