Saturday, August 17, 2013

Budget school supplies

 I first asked the twins to generate school supply lists. We then looked at what is on hand in the storage cabinet for school/office supplies, and were able to knock quite a bit off of the list. Needs and a few wants remained. We headed out, first to Dollar tree, where the selection had already been picked over quite a bit! 2 packs of notebook filler paper, 2 vinyl 3 ring binders, 3 spiral notebooks, 1 vinyl 2 pocket holder plus a spare one just in case. We then headed over to Xpect Discounts/Marc's and got binders.
One kidlet even selected a 2014 calendar for his room, from Dollar tree.

The only thing left in the list is a new reusable lunch bag for one kidlet. I've tried Savers-no luck. Aldi's has had them advertised-never came in to our local store. (I asked). We tried Xpect-just a few remained and were either character ones or a girly color. Guess we'll hit WM again.

So, a grand total of $25.32 with tax, 1/2 of which I am to be reimbursed for.

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