Thursday, August 15, 2013

Being handy!

 Arriving back home form my PT appointment this afternoon, I was met with, "Mom! Somehow the shelf fell off the wall in the powder room!." At least the glass lid to the pot pourri jar was swept up and thrown away. I removed the shelf from the wall (it was hanging on one eye loop), reattached the eye loop screw on the left, and rescrewed it back onto the wall.  I then reminded myself that the actual shelf should also be on my Fall painting list.
 Since I was toting around a screw driver, I figured it was time to see if I can fix the broken latch gizmo in the front vestibule. I had picked up a replacement at Habitat for Humanity for a whopping $1 plus tax. I had to fiddle around a bit with it as there are many metal plates behind the old gizmo that I had to reuse as "spacers"-glad to report, however, that I mastered this gizmo, it was replaced, old broken one now recycled, and the screen door not shuts securely. Yay team Mom! DD was impressed.
 Getting cocky perhaps, but with success in the air, I decided to try to install the Rubbermaid, inside cabinet bin for my dish washing supplies. Using a pencil, I marked a straight line across, where I wanted the bin top to rest, I then flipped it over and marked where the 2 slide over nails/screws parts are and made a vertical line to show where to place the wood screw. I installed the 2 wood screws, making sure that they were shallow enough so as not to damage the front of the cabinet. Quickly installed this guy, too. Not bad for $1 Salvation Army find.

My Weather Tech front mats arrived via Fed X today, so I installed those in my car. I await the arrival of the trunk liner one. They fit really nicely and come with a 10 year warranty. I won't have this car that long, but the info will go to the next owner, when I do unload it in a few years (at least that is the plan for now)
Since I was under the kichen sink, I unearthed some mesh bags from lemons, sweet potatoes and other produce that I had saved. I converted these into some additional scrubbers. Outside of these scrubbies and the car mats, these small, handyman tasks are things that I would have had to pay someone to do, these past few months, due to my shoulder injury/surgical recovery as well as issues with my arthritic hands. I have generated a list of Fall handyman projects and hope to do as many myself as possible, before hiring out.

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You're on a roll! Great job!