Sunday, August 25, 2013

Battening down the hatches, it's gonna be a tough ride!

I've run the numbers, and the next 3 weeks, historically my most difficult, financially speaking, are definitely going to be rough. We CAN make it, however. I have sufficient funds to cover rent, to pay off my large cc bill with my new, pri$ey mattress set on it, gasoline, the lawn care service, trash fees, and a few gallons/milk and some incidentals as groceries on a weekly basis. That's it, then I am officially tapped out. I am awaiting some reimbursements, which would be welcomed additions to my coffers. If delayed, we are still able to meet our expenses. All other bills will have to wait until I get paid on the 15th.


Pamela said...

Times like these can be nerve-wracking! I am confident you will get through it but still hope you get a windfall!

Carol Boyd said...

I just know you will come thru this fine! You are an inspiration. The first 3 months of the year my husbands paycheck dips WAY down, every year. So I go thru this like you. This past year I decided to pick a few things from around the house in great shape and sell them on Ebay. I was amazed at what people are willing to buy! It helped us thru that tough time. I also work at the polls. Take a paid day at work. Most of the time get to sit there and read. : )
Carol (sska from KF board)