Friday, August 2, 2013

Austerity August: using what is on hand

Use what is on hand theme from July continues into August. This morning's breakfast:

One kidlet finished off yesterday's use it up sausage-Cheddar-onion crustless quiche, had tea (2 used teabags =one last cup)
My bfst is pictured above, minus the cup of OJ I have to jump start my morning. 2 cups coffee with 1/2 & 1/2 and sugar, canned peaches in juice pack, home made buttermilk white bread with margarine and black raspberry jam, 2 eggs fried in reserved bacon fat. The only "new food" items are the 2 eggs, which I got yesterday, after discovering I was down to one egg in the house.

Lunch will be sandwiches or choice of any frozen or fresh in the fridge leftovers, such as the container of bean and bacon soup in there as opposed to the usual landing pad of the freezer

A Margherita pizza

A Pepperoni and onion pizza
Supper: home made pizza party night, with soda served as a treat beverage, tossed salad with choice of home made dressings.

Still plenty of treats on hand for dessert seekers: brownies, magic cookie bars, cup cakes, traditional cake.

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