Thursday, August 1, 2013

Austerity August grocery shopping

 After an appointment in the city, I drove over to the Aldi's shopping plaza, first stopping in at Dollar Tree for eggs: 4 8 ct boxes of medium eggs @ 50 cents/carton. Great deal!
I spent $2
Then, it was on to Aldi's with a very limited list:
soft margarine
stick margarine
Canola oil
1 3 ct pkg of mint gum
1 can fzn OJ concentrate
1 tub organic baby salad greens (would have spent less by getting Romaine hearts, but they looked old)
1 box honey graham crackers
2 pkgs of potato hot dog buns (marked down from $1.69 to 50 cents/pkg!)
a head of cauliflower to try a Frugal Queen recipe, called "Cauliflower cheese" (

I spent $14.24


50 and counting said...

Your eggs are so cheap! Best I can find is 2.49CDN for 12.

Cauli Cheese is an old British standby recipe. I crumble crisp bacon on top, or add sliced tomatoes for the final moments under the grill.

Old/sharp cheddar in the sauce with a touch of mustard. Bliss.14

CTMOM said...

50 and counting

Yes, these ARE cheap eggs. : ) Aldi's gets $1.09/lg dozen, even tho these are medium, since I am getting 8 packs for 50, that equals 75/dozn which is like paying 86 for large. Long gone are the days of large/Xl eggs going for 67 at Xpect discounts. Getting eggs under $2 is a bargain, these are a steal. I am NOT complaining!

Cauli cheese was prepared as Frugal Queen's recipe dictates. Looks good. Once we've had it, I tweak and make it more mine. I thought of adding some mustard powder, as I usually do with cheese sauces, but again, first round, I am a recipe purist. I also thought of buttered bread crumbs on top. This would make a lovely holiday dish come Christmas with cauliflower-broccoli-carrots under the cheese sauce.

I used the marked down Deli Cheddar ends I recently purchased, paying only $2.79/lb vs the $6 and up they usually charge. Once home, I home shredded it and stored it in the freezer.

Anonymous said...

I have been scoring egg deals like crazy. This week, Meijer was offering 1-dozen large eggs for FREE to mPerks member. Their version of a store loyalty card, minus the card.

My Aldi has had 1-dozen large eggs for $.89 for the last few weeks.

And another store I pass to/from work, about once a month for the last 6 months, has had 1-dozen XL eggs for $.99 (limit 2)

CTMOM said...

Those are awesome prices on eggs!