Thursday, August 1, 2013

Austerity August breakfast

 A stretchy breakfast this morning: 4 small, leftover pork breakfast sausages were sliced along with 2 leftover, pork  breakfast patties that were chopped then all the meat was placed in a Pam sprayed quiche pan
 The remaining 1/2 of a large onion was chopped
 I defrosted the baggie of Cheddar ends that I recently got on marked down at the Deli counter, pulled out what I need for bfst, returned the rest to the fridge, as I know I will use it Friday night
Using 3 of my 5 last eggs, I mixed up my batter:  I only seasoned with salt and pepper this time.

It's baking off.  It uses up leftovers, marked downs, just a few eggs which will feed many, instant milk, etc-all things on hand. Meeting my goals.

 Finished baking
 Close up
My breakfast, OJ not pictured.

I guess it was OK-this is what I came home to after my appointment this morning. : )


Anonymous said...

Breakfast this morning was egg, cheese and bacon on an English muffin. (all items were from Aldi except the eggs which really helps keep my costs down)

CTMOM said...

Shara, I have a PT appointment in the city this morning, and I'll take advantage of being there and swing by Aldi's for a few items. Very limited list this week, as it will be for the month.

Nancy said...

Breakfast here was toast made from homemade bread and a cheese omlet made from eggs & American cheese slices from Aldi!
Grocery shopping is on my to-do list today as well.