Thursday, August 1, 2013

Austerity August: avoiding take out

 Planning really helps me to keep my food costs down, and to avoid resorting to take out. Tonight, I am defrosting an open bag of mixed Italian blend shredded cheese, a 1/2 block of Mozzarella, a baggie of home shredded Provolone that I made by using reduced price Deli ends. I also have a bit of home shredded, Deli ends Cheddar that I have been using this week, which will join the above cheeses in making pizza. These cheeses will be combined, and used to top 2 pizzas Friday night as all 4 of the kids plan on being home for supper.
One of my remaining pints of organic CSA, home made tomato sauce will be quickly transformed into a pizza sauce, with the addition of a few ingredients.

ABM machines will be called into service to mix 2 blobs of pizza dough.

A simple salad, some treat soda and we're good.

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Anonymous said...

I love homemade pizza much better than takeout any day.