Sunday, August 4, 2013

August grocery shopping

 After dropping DD off at work this afternoon, I hit Stop and Shop and Target for some deals. Coupons in hand, I got 6 bars of Old Spice men's bar soap,2 bottles of Herbal Essence shampoo (a preferred brand by the teens here), a bottle of HE conditioner (freebie), 1 can men's shave gel, a man's deodorant, 2 bottles Pantene color care shampoo, a Gillette shower gel for men, a Zest shower gel for men. I also got a bottle of Purex laundry soap-loss leader @ 99 cents.
 Target was the destination for 2 hotel style turkey breasts @ 99/lb. I was out, and have been looking for a deal. I also got 2 pkgs of Ball park franks (combining sale plus cpn) and a loss leader: BSCb @ $1.79-which ended up being supper tonight.
 More Stop and Shop deals: BOGO Romaine hearts =$2/pkg out the door, loss leader: red grapes @ 88/lb

Sorry for the bad photo, I am getting used to my new cell phone. Some pantry items: new Premium round saltines (I chose the rosemary and EVOO flavor) after sale + cpn+99 cents, a crash n burn can of tomato sauce @ 57 cents, a 4 ct pkg Oikos Greek yogurt (sale plus cpn), a box of Good seasons (again sale plus cpn), really fuzzy in the top of the photo: 2 store brand 50 ct pkgs of cupcake liners.

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Anonymous said...

Great price on turkey.