Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Anything is up for grabs for trash bags

I try to repurpose whatever I can to be used as trash bags. Seems silly to spend upwards of $10 (I do buy the Aldi's brand, however) on plastic bags that will only be thrown away. Case in point: the recently emptied bag from cat #1's cereal. A good, strong, woven plastic, this works just fine. I lined the kitchen garbage pail with this bag and when filled, I simply folded the top over, and stapled it shut. If you look carefully, towards the top, in the white section, you can see silver-grey staples. I would only be throwing this bag away anyways. Every bit helps.

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DW said...


Any large plastic or paper bag is pressed into use as a trash bag at our house. As long as the city doesn't get fussy about it, we'll keep using them and saving the store-bought bags for other things.