Saturday, August 17, 2013

Aldi's trip

 Quick stop in at Aldi's: bologna, honey ham and turkey for sandwiches next week, while the kids are home, but I am at work; a bottle of Splash juice, box of honey nut cheerios, coffee, a pkg each of sliced Cheddar and sliced Munster (again lunch sandwiches). I also invested in a third drying rack.
Here's my new indoor drying set up. Note that the newly acquired one is a soft grey color, yet identical to the other one I bought. To the right, is the new one, with a baby blue, twin sized sheet drying on the farthest left side bar. These clothes horses are significantly taller than my middle one, and sheets will dry nicely on them. The weather turned a bit clammy this afternoon, so when I brought the laundry in, I felt that much of it was still damp. 1/2 of it is now on the clothes horses, the rest folded or hung up on hangers. With DD using my rolling coat rack as a closet, I had to come up with more drying space.

Food: $17.42
House hold: $10.62

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