Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A stretchy breakfast

 I am now down to under a dozen eggs, for whatever reason, panic mode sets in, regardless of how much other food is in the house. No eggs=disaster! I have most of a leftover onion chopped, along with 3 large Crimini mushrooms that I sliced and the planned over, cooked bacon that I intentionally set aside last Sunday for this dish, all layered evenly in a Pam sprayed quiche pan. I am using some of the gorgeous NY state sharp Cheddar that I was able to get @ $4/lb-my top price.
After grating the Cheddar, I mixed up a filling using 3 eggs, black pepper (I omit the salt, as the cheese has plenty), instant milk, water, home made Bisquick. I've topped the veggie-bacon bits and it's now baking off. This is how I can stretch 3 eggs when I normally serve 2 per person, to feed at least 4 today. I also can ration out my nice cheese and the pricey bacon, even though it was purchased on sale.



Anonymous said...

Yum! That looks great!

CTMOM said...

It came out really, really yummy! : )
3 of us had bfst, and while this makes 8 portions, only 3 are left, so yes, it's good.