Monday, July 15, 2013

Why I use placemats

 I am blessed to own some beautiful table linens, most of which were acquired second hand. Older things have a quality and durability that is hard to find today, especially when on a budget. These items are also made in the USA. : )  I use placemats on top of my pretty table cloths, to protect the table cloths. I also use a clear plastic over tablecloth, but we find the plastic unbearable come Summer, so it is removed. To keep the table cloths in unstained condition, the placemats are used at the table settings, and can easily be washed, taking up very little space in the laundry vs. washing numerous table cloths every week.
This particular set is a Vera Neumann set, I even am fortunate to have the matching napkins. I don't seek this out because of the popularity of her things, I have always liked her linens, and have a large collection of her napkins and several of her tablecloths to enjoy.

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Nancy said...

I do the same thing! Oh and I even have that same exact set of green placemats! I've been eyeballing some bamboo placemats at Target, they are all natural but can be wiped off with a damp sponge which would cut down on laundry.