Monday, July 15, 2013

What won't be on my back to school list come August


Already radio and tv ads as well as written flyers are promoting back to school. Since this school year just barely ended, this seems so soon. Many families will be generating back to school lists, some having them provided by the schools (especially elem. grades). We will be doing our own version.

One thing that will NOT be on the list is sandwich bags.

Here is my repurposed tissue box that I keep in the cabinet with lunch bags, small lunch containers, etc. As we use up dry goods such as cereal, tortillas, etc. I save these plastic or waxed paper bags/liners to reuse them to tote sandwiches (as well as for dredging meats) to work/school. Since these are items that we would toss anyway, it seems silly to throw them out, only to grab a purchased sandwich bag. Additionally, since these bags are typically tossed off site, and not at home, my trash output is reduced a bit.

A small step? Sure. But it's these things that do add up. I'll keep my pennies. I am in Summer frugal bootcamp.


Deb said...

I have always saved food bags. Here in Ontario we get our milk in bags that are heavy duty. They are reused and reused. I also reuse any other kind of food bag.
Good work on reusing.

Nancy said...

The only ziplock bags I do not reuse are the ones that have contained meat. I just don't want to take the chance on contamination. I have to thank you for the idea of resaving bags from boxes of cereal & crackers. I never thought of hanging on to these for dredging food etc. Great idea!

CTMOM said...

Nancy, agree that for safety reasons, it's best not to reuse a bag that once held meat.