Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Using even household goods up

When we first moved in almost a year ago, I brought with me several boxes of dish washer powder soap that had been stored down cellar in my former home. Moisture had gotten into parts of the boxes, so I decanted all of the boxes into empty, former 5 qt ice cream tubs. I was pretty good about using that up first, eventually left with scraping the clumps to return it to a powder. The dishes were still clean, we were using it up.

Fast forward and as I was recovering from shoulder surgery, I returned to using dishwasher tabs that I also had on hand, as I could fill the dishwasher cup with one hand. I am recovering nicely, and need to use my shoulder/arm to help it return as fast as possible to prior to surgery strength and range of motion. One of the small ways I can do that, has been to go back to using the old dishwasher powder up.

I decanted it again, tonight, this time into a quart sized, former yogurt container. It is about 2/3 s full, indicated by the line where my finger is against the plastic container.

So, using what I had is a good thing. It was languishing previously and it kept dish washer detergent off of my NEEDS grocery list. I did, however, acquire a Freecycle bottle of Aldi's liquid dish washer soap, several boxes of dishwasher tabs, and I did buy a box of Sun D/W soap at Dollar Tree, based on the recommendation of a fellow blogger.

Austerity August means use it up August, get creative, and this spills over to household goods such as D/W soap, laundry detergent, health and beauty aids, cleaning products, etc. My recycling bags are once more filling, so I know that we are using it up.


laura sampson said...

Oh Man I LOVE using things to their fullest extent--been lurking for a while and thought I'd say HI!!

CTMOM said...

Feel the same way, Laura. Glad you came out of lurkdom!

DW said...

Have you tried the Sun DW detergent yet?
I've been using the Kirkland brand tabs (certainly cheaper than the brand-name stuff), but at $1 a box for Sun, I'd certainly give it a try if it's any good.

CTMOM said...

DW, No, not yet, once this quart container of old DW detergent is used up, the Sun brand is next to try. Lili at Creative Savv is the one who told me to try it.