Sunday, July 14, 2013

Use it up July's Sunday breakfast

 Sunday morning is a day when I have always tried to make a "nicer" breakfast. Use it up July meant finally trying this corn meal pancake mix that was originally gifted to us in the form of a Christmas assorted goodies basket. Not sure that we'd favor this, but it has to go. I used up the entire package (yay!), eggs, oil, instant milk, water. I made 8 large waffles
 using my Grandmother's circa 1935 waffle iron. They just don't make these like they used to! : )
A fresh waffle. I figure that if these aren't really a hit, I can crumble them and use them up in stuffing a chicken. ; )


DW said...

Love the old waffle irons too ... ours, unfortunately developed a short, so it had to be retired.

How did you all like the waffles?

CTMOM said...

This waffle iron was rewired in the '80's for a whopping 13 cents of wire. Good as new. Cornmeal waffles were Ok, different. Wouldn't necessarily run out to search a recipe to remake them but they were OK. Kids get it that we are eating what we have as much as possible.