Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Use it up July: thinking breakfasts

 This has absolutely been a use it up July, if not Summer so far. We started back in May, just prior to my surgery, with probably 15 boxes of cold cereal, a large canister and 1/2 of oats, a box of cranberry-orange oatmeal packets, a few boxes of cream of wheat, a pouch of cornmeal pancake mix. Our supplies are now down to 3 boxes of cold cereal, an open (almost full) canister of oats, about 2 boxes worth of cream of wheat, a box of Maypo (another cook style grain cereal).
 As of this afternoon, my whole wheat flour bin is empty, my "Bisquick" mix is about 1/3 full-it's a homemade mix (I do have supplies to make more). While I have about 4 lbs brown sugar, several jars honey, molasses, one bottle Agave that I keep meaning to try, my white sugar is getting low. I have about 2 canister's worth left. Discovered that one kidlet has been putting TABLESPOONS of sugar in the home brewed tea that he pours for himself (pitcher kept plain). Um-can we save that for baking? Try adding some lemon for more flavor. At least reduce the sugar being used. (note that he grew up with plain tea) I also have some Stevia packets he can try.
Cornmeal pancake mix is gone (leftover waffles are now frozen to be turned into a cornbread stuffing with chicken)but I still have 1/2 a box of buckwheat pancake mix, and about 1/8th of a canister of Coffeemate (used when I run out of 12 & 1/2). Time for both to go. Blueberry, buckwheat pancakes for bfst tomorrow and I will use up the Coffeemate over the next week or so, before I buy any fresh 1/2 & 1/2. Bottled juices are low. I have "splash" juice, one fzn OJ and then we're out. If we eat more tomatoes, we can do without if needed. Coffee? I have enough regular for a week or 2, enough Hazelnut for probably a month's worth of Sundays (our Sun treat).   There are all sorts of tea on hand-a good substitution if needed.

So what to do about breakfast? 3 of the 4 of us regularly have bfst.
-use up the cold cereal
-use up the oats, cream of wheat on cooler mornings (supposed to drop to 50's tonight! Heaven!)
-make bisquick impossible pies using fzn or fresh CSA kale, chard along with CSA eggs (get 2 doz/month so will need more for baking), frozen shredded cheeses(Cheddar, Swiss, Havarti with dill) as well as hand shredded blocks of "fresh" cheese in the fridge (Colby Jack, Swiss, Cheddar). I also have 2roll pork sausage,2  bacon in the freezer, 2 apple & chicken bfst sausage, all to be used sparingly (as a flavoring ingredient more so than as a side)
-make pancakes/waffles from scratch
-use gifted to me, self rising flour to make biscuits, serve with homemade jams. Can also make ham-cheese-biscuit sandwiches (have 3 lbs presliced, Deli American cheese in the freezer)
-finish the pint of vanilla Greek yogurt that is left
-use canned fruits in pantry: gingered peaches, peaches, pears, mandarins, home canned apple sauce, pineapple
-use fzn fruits/veggies: blueberries, pumpkin puree, cranberries, rhubarb, butternut squash, hubbard squash, kale, spinach, chard, shredded zuke for baked goods, fritattas, "quiche"
-continue to bake: this week found me making blueberry as well as cranberry muffins (used up unwanted oatmeal pkts that way), pumpkin bread as a tea loaf. I have also been experimenting a bit with my ABM's and making different type of yeast breads for sandwiches and toast.

How are your breakfast foods holding up now that the kids are home?

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I find we eat less hot breakfasts in summer.