Monday, July 22, 2013

Use it up July: liquid soap refills

For years, I would stock up on Body and bathworks liquid pump soap for use in both the kitchen and bathroom. I would take advantage of their annual sales to do so. Finances being what they became, this practice was dropped and I moved to buying national brands of liquid soap when on sale, combined with a coupon. I was trying to pay $1 or less out the door. I then moved to private label/generics, aiming to keep the cost down to under 50 cents/8 oz bottle.

When I moved last year, my stockpile of personal care products came with me. We've been taking advantage of it, and there is a significant, and necessary, depletion in the stores held in a large, bathroom cabinet. Fantastic.

Froogs aka Frugal Queen, shared the tip of using generic/private label bubble bath. I was able to find Dollar General brand, vanilla scented bubble bath at Xpect. Large (32 oz?) bottle for 99 cents. I bought 4-which have lasted us almost a year with 3-5 people at home, that is pretty impressive. Those 4 are now used up, and I do want to continue the practice of keeping liquid soap as an option at the sinks. Time to turn to the stockpile:

Here is an almost empty (originally from Aldi's) bottle from my side of the double sinks in the main bath. If you look carefully, you will see that just at the bottom of the label there is a creamy white (that is the remaining vanilla bubble bath) then the bulk of the contents are lavender, finally there is a foamy white bubble layer at the top. The now empty bottle of no name lavender bubble bath now has some water added to it to help clean it out for recycling but also as there is enough residual soap left to wash hands 1-2 times more today before we recycle the bottle. The foamy layer in the Aldi's pump bottle is actually water added to the soap to thin it down a bit and stretch it. This bottle of lavender bubble bath was either a gift or a Freecycle acquired item, if not a thrift shop find. I pay little, if anything for these soap products now. Glad to get this bottle off the shelf, and I know that I have several other bottles to turn to when needed. Liquid soap most likely won't be purchased for some time now, unless I find more of the 99 cent bottles of bubble bath!

Given a good shake up, and the layers of soap are now all blended together, forming a soft lilac color. To the right, you'll see what I'll grab first today: the water filled old bottle, and then there are 2 "soap balls" that I made over the past few weeks, from the slivers of soap in the shower. Covered in warm water and then rested a bit before I strain the liquid and soap slivers thru a waiting washcloth (used to form the actual ball)that is over a basin. Ideally, this soapy water is recycled for hand washing if not hand laundering.  I've even been known to pour it into my sink basin for washing dishes. It works.


Frugal Queen said...

hi - shampoo is cheaper than bubble bath here, so now I buy a litre of shampoo, use it as shower gel, wash my hair with it and fill up the hand wash pumps for 65p- a litre

CTMOM said...

I have several free to me or ubber cheap bottles of bubble bath/shower gel to use first, but then I'll take your tip and compare the cost using inexpensive shampoo. thanks for writing in.

Nancy said...

At the kitchen sink I now use a thinned down version of Aldi dish soap in the hand soap dispenser. Works wonderfully on hands dirty from the garden and especially on those that are greasy. Since I buy the dish soap anyhow and use very little this was a cheap option for hand soap for us.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

If you have Big Lots near you, I have found them to be a good source of inexpensive products like those described here. In fact, I have found gift boxed fancy soaps (one of my fav items) very reasonably priced and suitable for gifts. Tuesday Morning is another store where I have found fancy imported soaps for myself and for gifts as well. They are generally the fancier brands, but make quite suitable gifts for co-workers, etc. when you want to give something but not spend a lot. Just a couple suggestions.

I also buy canola oil and white vinegar by the gallon, as it is no trouble to store, and inevitably gets used up fairly quickly-and is quite a bit cheaper by the gallon, even for a two person household!