Monday, July 29, 2013

Use it up July continues

Use it up July continues and as I see room opening up in the refrigerator, freezer, pantry and cupboard shelves, and the recycling building, I know that we are using stuff up. Case in point: this morning's breakfast. I had my OJ (not pictured) but also 2 cups of coffee, using up the rest of the Coffee Mate. We move back to 1/2 and 1/2 tomorrow. Side of canned pineapple in juice, as we are down to some berries and 2 lemons for fresh. A home made blueberry muffin rounded out my meal. Kidlets are sleeping in, but one is up, had a cup of Greek yogurt, decaf tea (used 2 "saved" tea bags to make a last cup), 2 slices of home made pumpkin bread with margarine. 2 cranberry muffins, some more pumpkin bread, 3 types of cold cereal, leftover pancakes, 1 serving of Greek yogurt remain. Choices of canned fruits. I serve bfst once, then YOYO if you sleep in. : )


Here's one DS's lunch: the rest of the P & P loaf, Amer. cheese, spicy brown mustard, on the last slices of home made, zuke white bread. Side of chips.

Leftovers for lunch theme continues. Choice of leftover, home made chicken-vegetable-pasta soup, a portion of lazy golumbki casserole, any individual fzn tub of leftover "meals" , roast chicken, BBQ chicken, cole slaw. Make a sandwich or a salad plate. Done. We are avoiding food waste, keeping tabs on money in the process.
Dinner may seem like a bit of a splurge: fzn, large shrimp that were purchased around the Christmas/New Year's holidays at a great bargain. I am again making a shrimp-orzo skillet dish that we enjoy, but this time,  I am limiting myself to using 1/2 of the shrimp that remain in the bag (a few appear to have been removed previously as it was torn open), as I felt that I had used too many last time, AND I have planned to make a second shrimp as fish dish later in August, that will be a shrimp stir fry.

 I have literally counted the fzn shrimp out and have 26 for today, another 25 for the meal in August.This will be dinner for 5 tonight. I will also call into service, the unexpected chicken stock that I syphoned out of last night's baking dish before applying the BBQ sauce. The recipe ( calls for clam juice, I have none, don't feel like opening a lot of canned clams to get some (then would have to freeze the clams), so chicken stock is being substituted. I will mix up some chicken bouillon to make up the rest of the required liquid. A jar of orzo pasta being pulled out of the storage is a good thing as well.

 A tossed salad will round out the meal, and my overnight refrigerator pickles will also be served. Iced tea already made.

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