Thursday, July 25, 2013

Use it up July: bfst and dinner

 As planned, I used the rest of a box of buckwheat pancake mix. 1/2 are with blueberries, 1/2 are plain. Homemade Mapeline syrup to top. OJ, coffee with Coffeemate (still a bit of 1/2 and 1/2 left but once I decide that something has to go, I really try to use that first!), hot cocoa-yes HOT cocoa as it was in the 50's when we got up. Now overcast, rain is in the forecast.

Lunch will find one DS out, and I have appointments, so I'll bring a lunch cooler with a sandwich. 2 kids at home are on their own to make sandwiches. Iced tea,unsweetened, already made and in the fridge.
So what about supper? Vegetarian pasta was on the menu, but frankly, I am sick of pasta and we had it just a few nights ago. I am blessed to be able to make an alternative choice, using food on hand. The inspiration for this change was also the fridge clean out last night. Wed night is leftover night, so we tend to examine the fridge at that time, toss what is no longer good, go from there. We have 3, precooked, leftover, beef hot dogs. So, a baked beanies and weanies dish they will become, calling my mini table top toaster/convection oven into service.

To bulk out this casserole dish, I used a second can of baked beans, this time with bacon. The 3 hot dogs were sliced into "pennies," and I also added a bit of chopped onion, and I cut up my last apple into bite sized pieces-an old New England addition!

A nice coleslaw on the side, to use some of the abundant cabbage from the organic CSA.

Here's one teen boy's plate: beanies and weanies (later topped with catsup), slaw and 2 pieces of whole wheat zucchini bread that I made the other day. (it's a sandwich bread, despite having zuke in it, it's NOT a tea loaf!)

 Franks and beans are on the dinner menu for Friday-not sure if we'll stick to that or if I'll move to a casserole, I am thinking lasy golumbki casserole-again, to use up some cabbage.

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Anonymous said...

I am trying to find a recipe to can my own beanie weenies but so far no luck. I can do baked beans and add the hotdogs later, but I wanted to come up with a dump and heat meal.