Friday, July 19, 2013

Use it up July and the benefits of a CSA

Tonight, we are benefiting from the prepaid, organic CSA which provides up with local, seasonal, organic produce during the most difficult months, financially speaking, of the year as I don't receive a salary from July 1 thru Sept 14.  Tonight's fare: home made coleslaw ( using some of the CSA cabbage and some reserved pickle jar vinegar.

We are also having the first butter and sugar corn of the season, very early this year.

Our main protein will be leftover, home made black bean burgers, served on plates or a bun if preferred. Only DD and me for supper, as the twins are away visiting with Dad, older DS is at work.


Courtney said...

My mom works for the school district and she has the option to spread out her paycheck so she gets paid each month. Do you not have that option?

CTMOM said...

Yes, I can elect to do so, but never have, figuring that I can keep what little interest earned over the Summer. This is the tight season of the year, I am used to it. All my bills are currently paid, up to date. I have almost 2 month's worth of household expenses remaining in my checking account, and if needed, funds in my savings account-which I prefer not to touch.