Monday, July 15, 2013

Trying to beat the heat

Forecast is rough for the next few days, if not the week: hazy, hot and humid with a heat advisory starting today. I am not able to A/C the living quarters (LR/Kit/DR) of the home as there are no traditional windows-just crank units, push out units, huge slider windows and huge, double slider doors. Luckily, we are on top of a mountain, and there is a breeze going through the woods. All curtains and blinds are closed on non opening windows/door sections, the rest are left open for as much air circulation as possible.

 I also have 2 ceiling fans in the cathedral ceiling of the living room, as well as an oscillating, larger fan positioned in front of one of the side opening windows over the picture window of the kitchen sink area.

This really helps to make kitchen prep work more tolerable.

Another big tip is to accomplish as much as possible, in the early morning, before the temperatures soar. Knowing that I'd be sweating buckets, I decided to tackle housekeeping before showering this morning. First, I hung out a load of white clothes, washed in warm water

 I set up one of my ABM's to make a 2 lb loaf of honey-wheat bread. While running low, I still have some good wheat flour on hand.

Update: a few minutes of actual hands on time, 4 1/2 hours later, I have this beautiful loaf of bread, and my house remains cool. : )
 What few white towels I had, spent 30 minutes in the dryer before joining the rest of the laundry hung outside. My umbrella clothes line is in the full sun, so I expect that this will dry quickly today, especially as we still have a gentle breeze blowing
What little cleaning I had to do was addressed, and now the dirty but wet, rags are placed over the side porch in the back by the kitchen to dry in the sun. Once dried, they are housed in a kitchen bucket until full, then I do a "rag wash." I won't store wet/damp rags-especially as these are mostly made from old towels. Preferring to dry them first means that there is no chance of odors developing.

Fast forward and all the wash was dried, so taken in and folded by 1 p.m. Love my "solar dryer."


Nancy said...

I love hanging laundry outside. Not just for the savings in electricity either. I love the smell of air dried laundry. With our dryer still down I've even taken to hanging out towels straight from the washer. They are a bit 'crispy' when you use them but I told the kids it was free exfoliating for their skin! My teenagers do their own personal laundry and even teen daughter L is using the clothesline. It took some time for her to come around. She mourned the loss of the dryer for quite a while but the inconvenience of having to wait to take her laundry to my GF's house finally broke her. Teen son has been on board with this since day one.

CTMOM said...

Do you have a Habitat for Humanity or Freecycle program near you? Our habitat, for example, here just got in a load of GE dishwashers, refrigerators, ranges, over the stove microwave/vents. They test them and offer a 30 day warrenty. THese look almost new! I suspect someone is redoing a condo/appartment complex. THey also carry washers/dryers. Only accept appliances up to a certain age, such as 3 y.o D/W.
Freecycle around here with appliances is often someone upgrading to SS and looking to unload the old stuff or the washer died, they bought a new set, but the dryer is still great.

SOme ideas for Winter.