Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thrift Thursday: vegetarian dinner

 Dried, black beans simmering away, to later be turned into black bean burgers. I have a can or 2 of bk beans in the pantry, but chose to save those for now. I have the time to cook these ahead, so I am capitalizing on the fact that dried beans cost 50% less than prepared, canned ones. Here's the recipe I am using again:

No cilantro, as I dont' care for it, and I'm using 2 lurking hot sauce pkts from college boys' take out that were in the fridge.

Using the second pkg of Price Rite loss leader rolls @ 33 cents. Choice of condiments, cheese, lettuce, onion for the burgers.

Another large tossed salad. Heat index to climb to 100. Ick.

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Anonymous said...

Yum! We had beans and rice last night. I split my last quart of home canned red beans and added taco seasoning to one half and chili ingredients to the other. It was great!