Friday, July 19, 2013

thinking soup or how to stock the freezer

2 quarts of homemade chicken stock made from the Crock Pot rotisserie style chicken that I made yesterday, using the marked down chicken from Aldi's. Now cooling off in the fridge, the layer of fat will be removed and saved for cooking, then the gelatinous stock will be frozen for cooler months. It's reaching almost 100 degrees here in CT, yet I am planning ahead for Fall this way, making stock out of nothing, but ultimately saving significant money come Fall. Ever price canned soups?


slugmama said...

Heck forget pricing canned soups, how about canned stock?

I don't get the majority of people in this country.....they'd rather buy skinless/boneless chicken and pay a premium for it, when they can get chicken in it's "natural" state and use the skin and bones to make stock. Much less expensive and only a tiny bit more work.

CTMOM said...

You are preaching to the choir, Sluggy. I grew up with homemade soups, and an occasional can or 2 bought on sale, in the pantry for "emergency" dinners, sick kids etc. Canned stock-never bought, but upon occasion I have picked up aeseptic boxes of beef broth as we rarely have a bone in roast or meat bones on hand. When I do find them on marked down, I grab them for soup making. Usually, it's poultry stock that I have on hand. Not really much work to toss skin, bones into the crockpot and let it go. : )

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I noted last week that Campbell's Healthy Choice (I'm on low salt) is up to $2.09 a can.) Needless to say, I checked out with ZERO cans. I do use the beef broth occasionally, and a can of tomato soup once in a while for a casserole, but will wait for a sale to stock up. Recently got the beef broth for $1/ea but that doesn't happen often. Also have Herb Ox and Penzey's bouillon crystals in the pantry, although Penzey's is both pricey and not low salt--but it's darn good! So is their vegetable soup base (I think that's what they call theirs instead of bouillon crystals---I will splurge on these once in a while for the way they can improve a bland gravy or soup in a pinch. And rice cooked in the veggie soup base is delicious. However, they recently went up from $8 something to $10 something a jar, so might not be splurging much in future.)