Thursday, July 11, 2013

The never ending roast pork

This past Sunday's roast pork dinner was delicious. The pork has now reappeared twice this week, in pork-pinto tacos. Now is will play a staring roll in tonight's supper as an Asian Pork stir fry over rice.

 More of my mountain of rice getting used

My Asian inspired, pork stir fry ingredients: 4 slices of meat now slivered into pieces and "marinating" in some bottled ginger teriyaki from my stock pile (a crash n burn item), sliced cabbage, chopped chard stems, the rest of my celery now chopped, the leaves from the chard now slivered, the rest of 1/2 an onion out of the fridge and a bag of stir fry veg (carrots, broccoli, pepper strips, snow peas) from Dollar Tree of all places. I used my typical 50-50 combo of Canola and sesame oil to stretch the more expensive sesame oil. Additional seasoning from Aldi's lite soy sauce.

 Cheap eats!

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DW said...

Good ways to stretch those meat servings ... Same thing's happening at my house with turkey.