Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday supper: BBQ split chicken breasts

Eat what's on hand July continues, this time with 2 pkgs of split chicken breasts out of the deep freezer (took out a total of 4, meaty breasts as it looks like dinner for 5 tongiht), and a bottle of BBQ sauce out of the pantry (I never pay more than $1 for this condiment). Weather has turned stormy, so I will see if I can get these to fit into my tabletop, convection oven and bake them off, slathering BBQ sauce on for the last 20 minutes. Usually comes out nice and moist, not burnt this way.

An added bonus when I removed the chicken from the oven, to put the BBQ sauce on top: there was quite a bit of chicken stock in the baking dish, so I used a bulb baster and removed it to a glass measuring cup, collecting just over a cup's worth. Nice.

Simple ingredients: apple cider vinegar, mayonnaise, sugar, spicy brown mustard, black pepper, salt (using celery salt up), celery, green pepper, minced onion (I find it doesn't bother me like raw onion does) and not pictured: elbow macaroni.

Sides will be organic CSA butter and sugar corn, home made elbow macaroni salad, using ingredients already on hand. Home made refrigerator pickles will be served on the side.

I also may make up a batch of chocolate frosted cupcakes, as I have some left over, home made frosting lurking in the fridge, taking up some valuable real estate. I would use a boxed yellow cake mix up as well, in the process.

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Nancy said...

Sounds good! Keeping in the use it up spirit I reviewed the contents of GF's freezer and fridge. A short discussion has led us to agree that Loco Moco (Hawaiian dish of rice, ground beef patty, fried egg, & brown gravy) and "Hawaiian" coleslaw (coleslaw w/ crushed pineapple) is dinner here.
I'm also baking a pan of brownies for dessert!