Monday, July 22, 2013

Staying on top of paper work is paying off

Received a reimbursement check for almost $129 this afternoon. Keeping on top of these type of things is essential especially during my "dry spell" months of July and August. All bills up to date, but 1/2 of my Summer savings are gone. Typical, just amps up my nerves come August!

I am awaiting additional reimbursements and continue to monitor those, keeping my paperwork in a manilla folder, labeled "pending."

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Interesting about keeping on top of things. DD's husband had bronichitis in late winter and was given a nebulizer by the doctor. Just to see what they should plan on when the bill came, her DH looked the machine up on the internet and came up with $35-55 range. They recently received the bill and it was for $177. She was appalled and wrote a letter stating that "I'm sure you were expecting my insurance to pay this, but it was an expense from early this year and we hadn't met our deductible yet. As you can see from the enclosed (5) pages of printouts, we think your bill which is going to be paid by THIS PATIENT, is "criminally overpriced." Her husband got a phone call a few days later and they said "corporate talked it over" and they would be sending a corrected bill for $50. He said he would gladly pay it. $127, that they could ill afford, saved! It never hurts to ask.