Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shoprite's Can Can sale in July

 Case of 29 oz cans of tomato puree for the pantry @ 67 cents/can. Too good NOT to take advantage of.
 4 cans black olives @ 88, 6 cans solid albacore in water @ 99, 4 jars peter pan p butter @ $1.88, tomatoes on the vine @ 99/lb, large bottle imported EVOO, 2 jars mayo @ $2.50, 2 bags chips @ $2.50
 Meat loss leader: center cut, bone in, pork chops (my preferred cut) @ $1.49
 2 lbs SR American cheese for the freezer @ $2.99/lb, a splurge: 1/3 lb Havarti with dill for some roast chicken sandwiches, also more splurge: olive loaf and P & P loaf. Been some time since I bought cold cuts.
I found the cheese end of Munster in the cheese end bin, so I grabbed it. After finishing my business with the deli man, I asked him if he had any OTHER cheese ends back behind the counter (very busy on Saturday, so packing up cheese ends is far from a priority) that were not American. I got several different end pieces including more Munster, Cheddar, Provolone, Swiss. I  grate it separately by type and place in marked bags for the freezer. Great way to buy nicer cheese (I am not really a fan of American)on a budget. My price per lb for cheese moved from $3 to $4/lb several years ago. I am happy to buy ends and only pay $2.79.

 My quiches, casseroles, omelettes, pasta dishes, pizzas will be just as good as if I were to buy much more expensive, preshredded (and often blended with stablizers, starches) cheese. I feel that we eat very well, and have a nice, varied diet with a few treats tossed in.

$73.74 total spent

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