Friday, July 12, 2013

Research your medicines on line for discounts!


DD has several RX prescriptions, several of which are quite pricey. Knowing that we would be losing our former mail order drug plan, we intentionally got a final 3 month supply, with the hope that once refill time comes around, we will have hit the high family deductible, and insurance will finally pay out at 100% for her meds, as well as any other medical bills for the rest of our family. Knowing also that she would have to pay the out of pocket price, she investigated coupon discounts and chanced on a 50% off coupon for one of her remaining RX's that wasn't thru mail order (long story). She can use this discount coupon up to 12 times thru Dec 2014-awesome! Normally $109.99, she only* paid $45.44. Still a horrible amount of money, but in the big picture, paying this $45 for a few months until we hit the deductable, means that her overall annual cost will be significantly lower than when we did have the mail order plan.

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Anonymous said...

I never though of that. We are lucky that I get a discount on top of my insurance if I fill it at the hospital pharmacy. But my daughter has one rx that she has to be on that they do not cover. I am going to look into this on Monday. Thank you for the info