Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Replacing a dying refrigerator

I pulled everything out of the fridge, placing less perishable items on the counter top, the frozen and must be refrigerated items are in coolers with ice, covered with towels. Handyman has purchased a second hand refrigerator in a town north of here and should be arriving any minute. He did tell me that once he got on site, it seems smaller than what I already have-esp. the freezer. It's supposed to be 20 cubic feet, he suspects 18.

Not my issue, as long as it stops me from having to put up with food waste. I haven't been able to keep milk, OJ, produce for very long in this fridge. Sigh.

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DW said...

Ouch ... hope there's enough room for your stuff. (that is the bright side to renting .. you don't have to foot the bill for big appliance replacements.