Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Planning ahead: Italian pasta salad

 Busy afternoon today will find me walking in the door at the dinner hour. No worries, I'm planning ahead and making an Italian pasta salad this morning, allowing it to "marinate" all day. First, I prepared 3 cups of dried, mixed colors and shapes pasta from my mountain of pasta reserves.
 Meanwhile, I prepared a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, using instant milk and lite mayo.

 I sliced one of the 2,  three cheese Italian sausages that I got a great deal on. Hope we like them as I still have 3 more packages in the freezer! Since these contain blocks of cheese inside the sausage, there is no need to add cheese cubes to the dish, which I normally would have done. One sausage sliced extends the meat to serve many.
 I rinsed and drained a can of canellini beans.
 I added some long in the tooth celery, that I sliced
 I chopped up the cap to a marked down green pepper I recently purchased
 I added a can of rinsed and drained, green beans. My Italian co-worker often adds these to her salads. I would have preferred fresh but it's use what is on hand July.
 To ensure an Italian flavor, I added black pepper, minced onion, Italian herbs
Mixed well and decanted into a storage container, it's now chilling off. I'll gently fold/toss it before serving. A large tossed salad with choice of dressing will round out the menu tonight. So nice knowing that supper is ready, on a busy day.


Precious said...

Can you put a seat at the table for me? This looks delcicious.

Anonymous said...

Great planning ahead.

CTMOM said...

This came out really, really good. Fed 6 of us for supper, one kidlet is killing the leftovers for lunch today. Great way to stretch 6.75 oz of sausage over 7 servings. Will definitely make this again.