Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Planning ahead for tomorrow's supper: steak!

Since DD is living back with us and college boy has tomorrow off and won't be working, one bag with 3 eye of the round steaks won't do, so I grabbed both of my 3 count pkgs out of the freezer, planning further ahead for tacos to be made out of the assumed one planned over steak, since 5 of us will be home for supper. These are steaks that I got on marked down, back in Dec. Good to get those used up, out of the freezer. I now have them marinating, over night, in some home made, mustard based marinade.

Sides will be baked potatoes, steamed carrots, a cheesy cauliflower bake that is a new recipe for us.

Cheesy cauliflower before going to bake it off became this:

Recipe review: this was good, just not cheesy enough. Next time, I'll add more cheese. I also was using the Cheddar ends, in lieu of my typical blocks of aged, sharp, NY Cheddar-that may make a difference. I also will add some dried mustard to the sauce. I really liked the ease of making the sauce in the microwave, and the fact that it uses corn starch vs a butter-flour roux, reduced the fat and calorie content. The tomatoes are a nice touch-in flavor as well as to add color to the dish. I had 2 halves of tomato (the missing 1/2s were used as slices on sandwiches. I refrigerate to preserve the second 1/2 but don't like the consistency after they have been refrigerated. This recipe used them up, we avoided food waste). We'll try this again and I also like the idea of adding buttered bread crumbs on top.

 I will even have a 9 inch square, chocolate frosted, orange cake for dessert. It's not even Sunday!

Best of all, everything is on hand. : )

Here's DS's supper plate:


Anonymous said...

Sounds great. I'm not sure what we are having. Daughter may be getting sick and it might end up being soup.

CTMOM said...

Could it be allergies? Ours have been acting up. : (

CTMOM said...
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