Saturday, July 20, 2013

Out and about Saturday aka making returns

I finally got serious about addressing the stack of items with receipts that needed to be returned.  First stop this morning: Walmart. Ugh. Not my top pick. BUT,

I now have $21.10 on a gift card. The return clerk was really helpful. Some of my items, even with receipts, were purchased too long ago. BUT if she scanned it as if I didn't have my receipt, as long as it was in the system, she could give me store credit. All but one item worked. Yay. Now I have to contact the manufacturer about the item, as it never worked right. Clerk suggested writing to the company, hopefully they'd exchange it for me.

Next stop: Dollar Tree. Sadly, the ear buds bought for DS didn't fit right, and the 2 prong outlet gizmo converter to 3 prong (for my computer) is so tight, I can't get the 3 prong into it. Sigh. I'll have to find another solution. Meanwhile, I learned that while DT won't do an outright return, I can do an exchange. Fine.

I grabbed a couple of boxes of tissues for the main bathroom. Something we'd use anyway. Done.

Next, on to Kohl's, where I returned the 2 pricey but never worn, front closing bras I bought for my post surgery recovery. I just have had DD helping me to hook the back for me. I can finally unhook on my own with a bit of a struggle, depending how my day has been going. Making strides . . $80.83 credited back to my CC.  I also bought College boy a new pair of sneakers, he desperately needs. He's been struggling, this is an easy thing for me to address . . . on sale, plus an extra 10% off so New Balance for just over $38 ($50 is my cap). Perfect.

Next, over to Savers, to return to brand new in pkg pair of black knee highs for work. So old, the rubberized elastic just rotted out. So, I knew I'd have to do a same day merchandise exchange, which I did, selecting the following as well:

 Some bath towels are being culled from the closet, so this Royal Velvet one in a nice buttercream will suit just fine.
 A pair of new in pkg, cotton peds.
 Normally retailing for $6, I paid $2.99
 Some days, I am a very, very lucky lady. I chanced upon this like new set of Buffalo check plaid, all cotton, Portugese flannel sheets, selling as a set for $8.99. Phenomenal! I recognized the material and sure enough . .
good 'ole L L Bean flannel sheets! Woot! ( These cost (as a set) $122. I am loving $9, and these will keep me nice and toasty come Fall.

So $1.98 credit for the bad knee highs, and then I applied a 30% off completed "Savers Club" card which expires today, so out the door: Queen LL B  flannel sheet set, towel, peds:       $9.06 after paying Governor Molloy his tax. : )

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

What a deal! On Tuesday I found a set of WOOLRICH flannel sheets at Goodwill with NO TAGS to tell me what size they were. Since DH coplained about my loaded keychain dangling and rattling when in the ignition, I took off the small tape measure that I used to carry. So no way to tell what size they were (there was only one pillow case but they looked larger than single bed size)--reluctantly left them there, despite the price which would have been about $7 (senior citizen day and I qualify for additional 25% off.) Probably should have bought them anyhow---I have 2 queen and 1 single bed, DGD has the only full bed but she doesn't need top sheets as she doesn't like them! So I passed, but hated to.