Friday, July 26, 2013

Moving off the menus: gotta use up cabbage!

With 2 heads of cabbage on hand and the strong possibility that a third may join them after my organic CSA pickup this afternoon, I have cabbage on the menu. Use it up July PLUS the scheduled meal was franks and beans but we ended up with a beanies and weanies dish last night so . . we're mixing things up! I kept a pkg of the marked down, organic beef to use today. Additional ingredients: rice (from the Angel Food mountain!), organic basil, salt and pepper (not pictured), a can of "healthy choice" style tomato soup, my last old onion (I did buy more yesterday, but had been saving my fresh ones). This is a family favorite, budget friendly cassserole that is so healthy for you!

Here's the recipe link:

Ready for the oven:

Now baked off for one hour:

 I took advantage of the oven being on, and in response to DD's request for "something chocolate," I made a pkg mix of Aldi's brownies.


Lili said...

Your comment on using your last old onion made me chuckle. I am down to half an onion. I'm using it sparingly and supplementing with chives and green onions from the garden. I'm hoping to get to the wholesaler in a couple of weeks, and buy a large bag. Until then, onion rationing is in force! Never thought that would be something I'd say! LOL!

CTMOM said...

I used up my frozen scallions, my frozen leeks, then moved to dried, minced onion this week, keeping my last, fresh onion "in reserve" until I could get to the store!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I get the large container of dried diced onion at Sam's Club, and use it in almost everything that has moisture in it of some kind. The real onions are so undependable this time of year--we're still getting last year's crop and they go bad quickly. My normal substitution for "cream of anything" soup is a white sauce with dried onion added--I need a low salt diet and, while Campbell is reducing the amount of sodium in their soups, it's still too high for me. But some of them are half what they used to be in sodium.

I will try your golumpki casserole---I have a great recipe for the real thing, but they do take time to make and time is in short supply in the summer, especially. Thanks for the recipe.