Sunday, July 14, 2013

Minding my receipts and today's mini project

 I tend to be very good about hanging onto my receipts, which is great. I am not so great, however, about using them to make returns. I'm working on that. Today, I returned to the small, local hardware store in the town just north of here, to return some hardware I had purchased a few months ago, for a project (in order to tie up the long rope cords of the rolling blinds in the dining room so that they would be up off of the floor). That was a $4.44 credit. : )  I bought some vinyl clothesline and a pkg of eye screws-I'll definitely have some leftovers, but both are good items to have on hand.

I measured how far up I wanted to go with a mini clothesline on a small, covered porch, marked the spot for the eye screws with a pencil . I then placed the clothesline in one of the eyescrews with a double knot, then stretched the cord over to the second eyescrew and repeated the knot, trimming it off.
Voila! My mini, covered clothesline. DD's top is still a bit damp and we don't want her recently purchased, navy denim bag to get bleached out by the sun so this solves that issue. I am out an additional $3.31 but it's worth it.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

The reverse side of this particular coin, is that sunshine can be used to bleach out stains that don't come out otherwise. I especially like it for tomato based stains. My Mom is 94 and in a facility with dementia---we do her personal laundry, and she frequently gets food on her clothing. Both my DD and DGD send me their stubborn stains as well. I enjoy a challenge! I have a couple products I use which normally work well on stains, but if anything is still visible, an afternoon in the sun on the clothesline removes the last traces. Especially great for white pants or blouses, but works equally well for colors. I don't leave them out for longer than necessary, however, as fading doesn't prolong wearings at all.

CTMOM said...

Marcia-agree, the sun is a great stain resolver. My umbrella style clothes line IS in full sun.
This mini line if for delicates, sensitive items like the navy blue bag.

Nancy said...

To avoid fading when I hang laundry outside I turn the clothes inside out!