Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Leftover Wednesday

One change that has evolved over the past year, is I typically have leftovers for dinner (as well as lunches all week) on Wednesdays and Fridays, unless the youngest are with me for the weekend (hence Friday night supper). Although DD has moved back home, this twice a week routine has worked well to keep an eye on food waste, use it up before it goes bad. I invest too much time and money on food, NOT to be mindful of waste. Should I not have sufficient leftovers in the refrigerator section, I do keep frozen meals for one, in individual tubs in the freezer compartment for grab and go type meals. Perfect for when I am back at work.

Due to Summer visitation schedule, the boys are with me for the next few Wednesdays. Clean out the fridge, however, will still happen, at least this week. On deck for meals today:

OJ, coffee/tea
canned pears in juice
choice of cold cereal with milk or home made pumpkin bread


mushroom tortellini (told Mr Picky that it was breaded stuffing. Ha! he ate mushrooms and didn't die!) in alfredo sauce. I need to bulk this up, so some leftover, shredded chicken will join the pasta. I have about 2 servings of pasta left (college boy had to work until late last night) so hopefully I can pull this off with just the added chicken, as I will have 4 for lunch today.
Sides to select from: salad from last night, steamed Summer squash (last night as well)


I made a wonderful chicken-vegetable-pasta soup recently. More remains and needs to be used up.

That, along with some fresh bread that I made up in the ABM will have to do.

My fridge, as well as my wallet, thank me.

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