Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kids and computers

My policy on kid's computers is: I buy you one, I'll fix it once, then it's on you. DS #3 broke his screen somehow. Wasn't shattered, but not connecting somehow so nothing would show up. After borrowing his brother's for a while and living without his own, I got it repaired: $180.80. His Dad is supposed to reimburse me for 1/2 of that, so I am out $90.40. Fine.

DS has been reminded of this one time only repair policy, and that should it break again, HE would have to use his birthday/Xmas money to either repair it or replace it.  Gotta take care of your things, son.


laura sampson said...

we gave my then teen son a laptop one year--it was not too expensive and he broke the screen right off the bat--we didn't fix it for him because we told him NOT to take it anywhere and did and dropped it--BOYS!

CTMOM said...

Laura, I'm curious, was the laptop ever fixed?