Saturday, July 6, 2013

Keeping the economy rolling, but hitting my budget


DD and I accomplished several errands yesterday including:
Costco: milk $4 (someone picked up a jug of milk for me)
Walmart: $3.61 food
Fast food restaurant: $15.93
Dollar tree: $6 food
                 $1.06 Household
Xpect: $11.74 food
           $4.23 clothes
Gas: $34.78
Penzey's: $27.18
Aldi's: $102.82 food, saved 30 cents with bottle returns

I have officially blown July's very limited food budget. Whatever I spend the next few weeks, is being tallied into Aug. I need to review my accounts, see what is coming due, where we stand.

I am expecting some reimbursements (DD's rent, DD's cell phone bills, DS's cell phone bill, medical expenses, which will help with my cash flow, which stops effective June 30th.

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