Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July use it up

 This morning, I made a batch of fresh blueberry and a batch of fzn cranberry muffins (adding the last 2 lurking pkts of "gourmet" cranberry oatmeal that DD discovered she didn't care for. I viewed them as adding craisins, oats to the batter). Came out fine.

Since I always try to capitalize on the oven's energy, I am also baked off a batch of pumpkin bread, using some home made puree from the freezer, and some gifted to me self rising flour, following my regular recipe, but making omissions.
 My whole wheat flour bin is now almost empty, I suspect that my next loaf of bread will be more of a white to wheat blend of flours to use the last bit up. Today's bread is baking off in one of my ABM's-a honey wheat 2 lb loaf.
Unfortunately, this wicked heat and humidity hasn't helped my fresh fruit storage. My fridge is so small, I have resorted to keeping fruit in a basket, as my farm produce (veggies) needs to be refrigerated. I had to toss some plums. : (    Some apples are getting funky so I'm cooking them down, will later run thru a food mill and serve apple sauce or use the sauce to bake a bread/muffins/cake etc.

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