Friday, July 26, 2013

It's July, and I am thinking SOUP!!

Temperature is currently 62 degrees F, and may max out in the upper 70's, but even that is doubtful. Rain is in the forecast as well, and we are loving this delightfully cooler weather after the recent sweltering heat wave. While breakfast today found one kidlet finishing off the applesauce, everyone has a choice of muffins, pumpkin bread or toast (assorted breads to select from), if not cold cereal (just 3 types remain). Still have some buckwheat pancakes left as well. We're in good shape going into the weekend.Due to Summer visitation schedule, the twins will be with me exclusively for the next 3 solid weeks. This will be factored into my cooking.

So, what is for lunch today? Soup! I have some home made chicken stock, some roast chicken, plenty of vegetables, including a lurking ear of cooked corn on the cob, pastas . . so soup it will be for lunch. Side of buttered bread for the hungry teens.

This works, the fridge gets a bit more of a clean out, especially important as this is organic CSA pick up day.

I started with some reserved chicken fat. It's orange colored, due to the Paprika used to roast the chicken
Some of the root end of celery, chopped
The rest of a 1/4 of an onion, chopped
3 carrots, peeled and chopped. I let those saute, then got around to handling the rest of the veg.
prewashed,organic CSA Kale was cut into strips, a leftover ear of organic CSA butter sugar corn
A few minutes with my knife, and the kernals were off of the cob
Veggies added and sauteed until wilted, soft

 I added 2 quarts of home made chicken stock. Note the gelatinous consistency-that is what you are looking for. Add water and seasonings (salt, pepper, tarragon)
 Meanwhile, I grabbed the container of cooked chicken, repackaged the 2 breasts for sandwiches tomorrow, and used just the scraps and dark meat.
 I roughly chopped the meat. Tasted the broth, it was missing something
 A pint of organic CSA, home canned tomatoes to brighten up the flavors a bit
 Some soup pasta. This also gave me an occassion to inventory my soup pastas, consolidate some. A good thing.
 Blended, simmered, lunch is now ready. Delicious soup, made out of this and that for pennies, compared to what grocers charge.

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Linda Shields said...

Sitting on our screened in porch right now enjoying the cool and overcast weather, too. Cannot get motivated to do anything else! Maybe I should go cook up a pot of soup too. Ha!