Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Home furnishings on a budget

 I had an appointment this morning, right around the corner from Salvation Army, where I later returned to look for a warm blanket for DD's bed. I came across this oscillating, medium sized fan for $8.49.
 A no name/no label, washable wool blanket for a wonderful 99 cents.
 Later, I hit Savers, where I got this Dundee, thick, in like new comdition, bath mat. $1.99
Back at SA, I hit a major score! 2 brand new with packages, thermal drape insulating panels/liners/curtains @ $4.99/pair. Having invested in some for the porch, I know that these are expensive!

Someone* paid $35 for each of these packages. BTS-Home Depot sells them for a LOT less.


~Carla~ said...

Great finds!! We have ZERO thrift shops in our area... :( Not even close. Wish we did though... I do love to go whenever i'm in the area of one!

CTMOM said...

One of the perks of living in an expensive/wealthy area is having really good thrift shops. Do I still see pure junk? yes, and is some way overpriced? yes, but if you have a bottom line in mind as you shop, and if you know what it costs new and therefor have an idea of what a fair price would be, you are well armed when hitting the thrift shops. I am currently on the lookout for a dresser for DD. Budget is $50. So far, no luck. I've found some nice ones, I am just not willing to fork over the $ they are asking for. I'm being patient.